Compliance Invita Medical

Our commitment to our entire ecosystem

All decisions made and the way we conduct our activities are based on ethics, transparency and honesty. All involved and interested parties have a duty to act in accordance with our principles and values.

To Customers

We generate value for our customers through an agile and effective service, focusing on the optimization and on the effective functioning of technology.
Transparency is the basis of our relationship, and it is made tangible by the issuance of complete annual reports and the access to information, in real time, through our service channel and application.

To Employees

We provide an atmosphere of enthusiasm and motivation in line with our values ​​and create real and concrete opportunities for personal and professional development for our employees.
All actions and decisions taken aim to ensure all workers’ rights and follow current Brazilian legislation and guidelines.

To Other Parties

We generate value for our partners, acting based on a “win-win” situation. Above all else, our suppliers and partners are treated as part of the Invita family.
We seek suppliers and partners who are aligned with our values ​​and we do not interact with individuals or companies that do not work in a transparent, regulated and ethical manner.

To Patients

Our goal is the success of the treatments offered and the integrity of the patients’ health.
We do not accept what is not completely safe for patients and, therefore, we carefully choose all the resources and activities used in our service, always based on the best available science and regulations.

To Public Officials

We conduct our relationship with public officials in an ethical and transparent manner.
We do not condone any type of unfair exchange or purchase of benefits that may harm the practice of free competition or that gives us an advantage other than the result of our own work.

To People

We respect diversity, as well as each individual’s traits and personal choices, and we do not condone any type of discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, age or social condition.
We do not hire or interact with individuals or companies that demonstrate any type of behavior that goes against our principles of ethics, character, education and respect.