Dosimetry Solutions

Standard Imaging offers a wide range of dosimetry solutions such as software, phantoms, ion chambers, electrometers and other products. The company offers, through Invita Devices, excellent pre-sale and after-sales support. Standard Imaging products combine outstanding quality, competitive pricing and differentiated warranties.

Daily QA

QA Beamchecker Plus, QA Pilot Software

Monthly QA

PIPSpro Software and QA Pilot Software

Annual QA

Doseview 3D and QA Pilot Software

Absolute Dosimetry

Doseview 1D and range of electrometers

Stereotactic Dosimetry

SuperMax, PIPSpro Software, Adaptivo Software, Phantoma Lucy and Winston Lutz

Patient Dosimetry

Adaptativo, Linac View and IMSure QA Software

Brachytherapy Dosimetry

HDR and IVR 1000 Plus Well Chamber

Ion Chambers