Oficial Distributor

Invita Devices only represents worldwide brands of origin and recognized quality. Find below some brands represented:

Orfit Industries

Orfit is leader in the development and production of medical equipment that offers solutions for immobilization and patient positioning for radiotherapy.

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Teledyne E2V

Supply of high voltage and radio frequency valves most used in radiotherapy equipments around the world.
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Sun Nuclear

World reference in QA and dosimetry. It offers a wide range of integrated and independent solutions for patient QA, machine QA, diagnostic QA and alignment lasers.

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Canon Medical Systems

High-tech equipment for diagnostic imaging (computed tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasound), radiotherapy and nuclear medicine.

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Vision RT

Surface-guided radiotherapy (SGRT) and solutions that use computer vision and artificial intelligence to add more safety to radiotherapy treatments.

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Diacor is reference in supply solutions, equipment and accessories for patient positioning and transfer.

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