Call Opening by app

Call opening and real-time monitoring by the SINN app

Every Invita Service customer can open their calls, via the app, with a few taps on the smartphone screen. With the SINN app, Invita’s integrated Cloud Computing-based call opening system, you can open, manage and end your calls from anywhere. You can also access the system from your computer, as long as you have access to the internet. In addition to the convenience, with SINN you have more control, agility and security in the management of your equipment, calls and service orders. See below some benefits of SINN:

Quick call opening

Open your calls with a few taps on your smartphone screen. After opening the call, the system will search for the available specialist closest to the equipment.

Call Management

You will be notified of any change in the status of the service, such as a forecast for the arrival of the specialist, import of parts, opening of new service orders and others.

Equipment history

The system also has a history of all calls related to the contracted equipment, as well as uptime and preventive scheduling.